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Admission & Registration

VISA Information

Students who wish to take regular programs should apply for the appropriate visa depending on their nationality and language training periods. Documents required for visa issuance (standard admission letter and tuition payment receipt) are issued by the ILE two months prior to its starting date. - Those who already have other types of visas, such as D-2 visas and F-2 visas, can take regular programs without a change of visa

Applicants who wish to participate in a Korean language program for more than a month must obtain an appropriate visa depending on their nationality and language training periods. Documents required for visa issuance (certificate of admission, tuition payment receipt, certificate of business registration) are issued by the ILE three months prior to the registered program’s starting date. The required documents and period of visa issuance are different from countries. Applicants must check the information about visa issuance in advance at the Korean Consulate in their residence.

Those who from no-visa entry countries or with Korean citizenship or already have a visa (D-2 from Chung-Ang University, F Type visa and ect) which can be used for a language training can take the Korean Language course without change of visa.

VISA Information
 Short-term General Visa (C-3-1)Language Training (D-4-1) VisaNo-Visa Entry
Target Students enrolled for 1 semester Students enrolled for 2 semesters(6 months) or more Students from countries with a 90-day stay permit among visa waiver countries
Period of Stay
  • Can not be extended
  • Stay up to 90days
  • The visa period is determined based on the period of enrollment.
  • If students register for one year, 6-month visa period will be given, after which, students need to extend their visa.
  • Can be extended
  • Stay up to 2 years
Notice If the period of training is extended, students need to change their visa to a language training (D-4-1) visa
※ A tourist (C-3-2) visa cannot be changed to a language training visa.
  Among those who came to Korea without a visa, only Japanese, American, and Australian students can apply for a language training visa in Korea. Other nationalities should leave and reenter Korea, or apply for a visa outside Korea.

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