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  • The language exchange program matches foreign students enrolled in Chung-Ang University's Korean language courses and Korean students enrolled in Chung-Ang University's undergraduate programs (foreign students and Korean students 1:1 or 1:2), so that they study together, engage in various experiential activities, and become friends.
  • The program helps foreign students adapt to life in Korea and learn Korean and allows Korean students to exchange language and culture with foreign friends of various nationalities while at the same time earning credits for community service.


Program Schedule

  • After recruitment and selection of applicants twice a year, in April and October, the program goes on for 3-4 months, from April-July and from October-January.
  • The schedule and method of application will be notified on the notice board on the websites of Chung-Ang University and Korean Language Institute’s Korean language courses.



  • Foreign students will be notified by Korean Language Institute’s administrative office.
  • Procedures for Korean students enrolled in Chung-Ang University’s undergraduate programs
    1. Online application
    2. Successful candidate announcement
    3. OT participation (partner introduction)
    4. Interim report (upload activity data)
    5. Final report (upload activity data)

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