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We offer online Korean language courses for overseas Koreans and foreign nationals who want to learn Korean, with a goal of improving Korean communication skills through integrated education in speaking, listening, reading and writing based on communicating freely with Korean teachers online without any physical restrictions.



  • 1) All overseas Koreans and foreign nationals who want to learn Korean
  • 2) Overseas Koreans and foreign nationals who wish to take classes abroad or who have a legal visa and are staying in Korea

D-4 visa can not be issued for those who take online courses.


Course Introduction

10 weeks / 4 academic semesters (spring, summer, fall and winter) in a year, 20 hours a week, totaling 200 hours

Class Days Monday ~ Friday (5 days a week)
Class Time Morning Class : 9:00 ~ 12:50 / Afternoon Class : 13:00 ~ 16:50
Course Levels Levels 1~6
Students per Class 15 students or fewer
Other things
  • ※ Please note that lectures at that level may not be opened if the minimum number of people is insufficient.
  • ※ Use of the same educational content and textbooks as the regular course.


Teaching Methods

  • - Online synchronous lectures using Zoom
  • - Providing recorded class video and learning materials through Chung-Ang University learning management system


Program schedule

Program schedule
TermApplication PeriodProgram PeriodLevel Test
2023 Spring 2022.12.05 ~ 2023.02.17 2023.03.13 ~ 2023.05.19 about 4 weeks before the class opening date
* specific schedules will be announced individually only for those who have completed registration.
Summer 2023.03.06 ~ 2023.05.19 2023.06.12 ~ 2023.08.18
Fall 2023.06.05 ~ 2023.08.18 2023.09.11 ~ 2023.11.17
Winter 2023.09.04 ~ 2023.11.17 2023.12.11 ~ 2024.02.16

The schedule is subject to change depending on circumstances.

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