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I am Kim Seil, Chief of Social Education Department and Director of Language Education Center.


Founded in 2004, Institute of Language Education has offered Korean language programs and foreign language programs. As you are well aware, the 21st century is the era of globalization and sees interaction between people from all over the world being more active than ever before. Each year, our institution provides foreign language programs to students as well as Korean language programs for foreigners who want to learn Korean language and culture and international students who want to be admitted in Chung-Ang University.

CAU Korean Language Program -, which marks its 18th anniversary this year -, does not have a lengthy history. However, over the past years, we have endeavored to be equipped with the optimal education system. Our students are highly qualified as we select candidates among international students who want to get admission in Chung-Ang University, based on strict admission screening and testing. Also, our faculty members for Korean Language Program are experts in language education with a master’s degree or higher. They provide quality lectures by continuously participating in research and workshops.

Most of all, the greatest advantage of our Korean Language Program lies in providing efficient student guidance. We run the counseling system listening to difficulties facing students and resolving them to help students easily adjust to campus life. In addition, we have provided students with an opportunity to meet Korean friends through the language exchange program with Chung-Ang University students.

Going forward, Institute of Language Education will constantly strive to explore ways to improve students' foreign language skills and international students' Korean language skills. We sincerely hope that you will grow and succeed together with the Institute of Language Education..

Kim Seil
Chief of Social Education Department and Director of Language Education Center Chung-Ang University

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