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The ILE is a specialized educational institution of Korean language and culture. It was established in 2004 with the goal of introducing the Korean language and culture to the world in line with the rising status of South Korea.


The curriculum of the Korean language program of Chung-Ang University ILE aims for an integrated education focused on task-performing that helps students to improve their communication skills. And through cultural classes we try not only to help students to learn the right culture of Korea but also to help learn Korean more quickly and naturally as a foreign language. Also, our professors try to give interesting lectures by using multi-medias such as computer, videos and audio programs.


The instructors of the ILE are Korean language education professionals. They develop and apply Korean teaching methods through the study of theories on language education and the characteristics of the Korean language, and through the careful consideration of the nature of real-world education.


The ILE responds to students’ learning needs and expectations by providing not only classroom education but also various cultural experience programs to help students understand and feel authentic Korean ways of life. By watching traditional art performances, making ceramics, learning taekwondo, and calligraphy, ILE students are able to understand the past, present, and future of Korea.

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